Our purpose is to call all people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus who pursue his lifestyle of celebrating God, serving others, and sharing God’s love. We want to be a church that is FOR the city – not separate from or against it. This means reaching out to and serving the surrounding Las Cruces community, all while preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, and not just sitting and waiting for the lost to come to us. It also means training each of our members to be active missionaries in their daily lives.

We offer active children’s, youth and campus ministries, as well as home-based community groups and engaging worship opportunities. Whether you are already a committed Christian or just beginning to learn about Jesus, you are welcome at any of our activities.

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University Church of Christ
1555 E University Ave
Las Cruces, NM 88001

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
9am - 4pm

Our campus has two buildings: the Activity Center, which is right on the corner of University and Jordan, and the Worship Center, which is directly to the north of the Activity Center. The Activity Center contains the offices, gym, and youth classrooms; the Worship Center contains children’s classrooms and the auditorium, where Sunday services are held.